This talk will describe a way to make use of the Cynefin Framework and a few simple rules of thumb that can help the early stages of a project to

  • free up time for subject matter experts
  • identify good candidates for exploration of needs and solutions
  • focus workshops, conversations and other activities for the best use of time
  • gather better quality information for the purposes of decision-making
  • These heuristics can also help us to save time and money – getting us to better Customer experiences with less waste.

The Cynefin framework is very useful to make sense of what approaches we should use for different types of work; however, many people struggle to apply it in their own workplaces. This session will describe how we use the framework by adapting the language and definitions to our project work and most people involved in project planning will be able to apply these principles almost immediately.

About Kim

Kim Ballestrin has been an Agile engagement lead in Telstra IT since 2010, from the beginning of the Telstra Agile change journey. Her focus has been on the initial part of the delivery process and finding ways to improve collaboration and Customer outcomes from the very start of an idea, through to the formation of Agile teams.

Kim is the organiser of the Melbourne Cynefin Meetup group and is interested in finding new ideas that can help improve the ways that we work ranging across and beyond Lean, Systems Thinking, Agile, and Cynefin.