Design great products customers love.

Design teams that design great products.

Design resilient organizations that support happy teams that design great products.

From the UX Designer to the CEO, it takes an entire organization to execute LeanUX successfully. At LeanUX NYC, the world’s leading minds on Lean will teach you how organizations are incorporating Lean Systems, Agile, Design Thinking, and DevOps to deliver real value for their customers and drive top-line growth.

This five-day epic conference will advance your knowledge and skills on design, customer discovery, product/market fit, decision-making, and process design, among others. You’ll learn from engaging talks, absorb principles to guide teams, and participate in hands-on sessions to build lasting relationships with people that are crazy passionate about making better stuff, and making stuff better.

You’ll get expert insight into some of the ways Lean Thinking, Complexity, Design Thinking and DevOps practices are being combined by people already doing it — the real pros, the upper echelon, the ones driving the iterative discovery and development of new products for both startups and enterprises.

Will Evans, Founder, Executive Producer

me3-300x237Will Evans explores the convergence of practice and theory using Lean Systems, Design Thinking, and LeanUX with global corporations from NYC to Berlin to Singapore. As Chief Design Officer at PraxisFlow, he works with a select group of corporate clients undergoing Lean and Agile transformations across the entire organizme3ation. Will is also the Design Thinker-in-Residence at NYU Stern’s Berkley Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Will was previously the Managing Director of TLCLabs, the world’s leading Lean Design Innovation consultancy where he has brought LeanUX, Systems Thinking, and Strategy Deployment to large media, finance, and healthcare companies.

He lives in New York, NY, and drinks far too much coffee whilst reading post-structuralist philosophy. He Founded the LeanUX NYC conference in 2010, and was the User Experience track chair for the Agile 2013 and Agile 2014 conferences.